Bella's Ice Cream Challenge

Bella's Ice Cream Challenge is a case study that I-Think developed to help students explore the Integrative Thinking process. In the case study, Isabella Matthews, founder and CEO of Bella's, is struggling with her business. Bella's is a Canadian company that sources its ingredients from organic and fair trade producers, and offers generous wages and benefits. For many years, this way of doing business worked well, but now, Bella's customer base is shrinking and the company is losing money. Isabella and her team are at a crossroads, and don't know how to move forward. Students will apply the Integrative Thinking process to explore new and better paths for Bella's.


Here's what you'll need...



Download the 2017 slides here.


Video Introduction


Company Memo


Download the company memo here.


Benefit Bubbles


Download the Benefit Bubbles sheet here


Amazing Race Handout


Download the Amazing Race handout here.