Thank you for taking on this challenge to increase pedestrian safety in your community and across all our communities. Below are resources to support your problem-solving adventure with Integrative Thinking.

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Teacher Welcome Letter

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Student Welcome Letter Grades 1-4

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Student Welcome Letter Grades 5-8

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Lesson Plan - Flag Theft Challenge


Lesson Plan - Intersection Maintenance


Slide Deck to guide students through the challenge Flag Theft Challenge.


Slide Deck to guide students through the Maintaining Intersections Challenge.

Video of the Crosswalk Company Founders showing how to set up the crosswalk.

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Instructions Sheet for setting up your crosswalk.

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Benefit Bubbles for the Pro-Pro chart


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Amazing Race instructions for Step 2: Examining the Models



Extra Slides - Pathways to Integration

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Data Collection Sheet


Fill out this form to register for Office Hours with the Crosswalk Company Founders. Register for any session starting at 11:45am on April 17th, April 25th and May 1st.


An animated introduction to Integrative Thinking, if your students need an introduction to why we do Pro-Pro.

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Ashoka Changemaker Toolkit

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Resources for starting your inquiry into pedestrian safety.


Tip Sheets

Step 1: Sketching your opposable models and creating better benefits.

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Articulating the Models


Step 2: Clarity finding commonalities and reframing the problem.

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Examining the Models


Step 3: Key questions for Double Down, Hidden Gem and Decomposition.

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Pathways to Integration