Dan Taylor, Principal

As the sole administrator of Givins/Shaw, Dan Taylor felt like his position could be isolating at times. Through Integrative Thinking, Dan has developed a collaborative decision-making process that empowers his colleagues to “feel like they can add their input to strengthen what we’re doing.” This has made his job as a principal “that much more rewarding.”

[Integrative Thinking] has given me a different perspective on the role and allowed me to come to school really energized everyday.

Instead of coming in “feeling like the answers are all within me,” Dan now feels like he and his team are capable of coming up with answers collectively. He has confidence that by following the Integrative Thinking process, “you’re going to be coming up with an answer that’s very rich […] Everyone will agree that there’s a need for the decision that was made, and voices were listened to while making that decision.”  

Integrative Thinking has "made a big difference" for Dan in terms of what it means to be the Principal of Givins/Shaw:

You still have the lead voice in a lot of ways, you’re still signing your name to a lot of things, but really what you’re doing is signing your name to a process that’s involved a lot of people.