The I-Think Initiative is a not-for-profit project housed at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. We believe that in order to prepare our students for the future, one of the most important roles that educators can play is to teach students the skills and mindsets necessary in solving wicked problems.

What We Do

We help teachers bring Integrative Thinking, innovation and creativity to classrooms across Canada. Join us for a workshop to learn more.

Our Impact

Over 1,000 teachers have participated in our workshops. Read their stories about how Integrative Thinking changed their practice, classrooms and schools.

What is Integrative Thinking?

Integrative Thinking helps us imagine new and better options in the face of hard choices.


Jennifer Warren, Grade 9-12 Teacher

Now I think about my classroom as a think tank...the answers are a million times better than any answers that I could personally imagine.
— Jennifer

Jummi Kim,


Grade 1 Teacher

They’re able to come up with the ideas and the solutions. And it was just me facilitating, and me trying to extend their ideas.
— Jummi

Heidi Siwak,


Grade 6-8 Teacher


Given the complex problems facing the world, teaching students to seek entrenched positions and enter into conflict is something that we need to move beyond. Integrative Thinking is about finding creative solutions when opposing points of view arise.
— Heidi