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Educator stories

Our work takes us across K-12 classrooms. Explore the stories of our teachers and students to see how Integrative Thinking and our approaches to innovation shift thinking and learning.

Jennifer Warren, 

Grade 9-12 Teacher

Now I think about my classroom as a think tank...the answers are a million times better than any answers that I could personally imagine.

Jummi Kim, 

Grade 1 Teacher

They’re able to come up with the ideas and the solutions. And it was just me facilitating, and me trying to extend their ideas.


Heidi Siwak, 

Grade 6-8 Teacher

Integrative Thinking is about finding creative solutions when opposing points of view arise...They took the responsibility of thinking carefully seriously.

Audrey Hensen, Principal

We need more people to have skills to be able to really probe each other’s thinking and be more open to different perspectives. It’s good for our world to have people who can look at conflict and see ways of understanding each other.
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Jason Monteith, Grade 9-12 Teacher

The more I got to understand the tools, the more I realized that they were thinking tools. When I set aside the reading, set aside the writing and focused first on thinking, everything else came naturally to my students.