Peacebuilders and I-Think bring you a challenge that is relevant to every student, school and community. 

Together we can build cultures of well-being!   


Applications to participate open March 26th to April 4th, 2019 

You and your students are invited to act as consultants to Peacebuilders Canada. To participate in the I-Think Challenge 2019, students will use Integrative Thinking to engage in creative problem-solving and to make recommendations. Students will share their recommendations with Peacebuilders and will be invited to showcase their work at the Rotman School of Management. Teachers will get a series of resources, including videos to launch the challenge, slides and lesson plans, to guide your students.  

Peacebuilders need your students’ insights and innovative solutions as they embark on a new facet of their work. Peacebuilders’ Restorative Schools Programs work in partnership with schools to establish a whole-school commitment to restorative mindsets and practices. Through capacity-building within school communities, restorative practices are embedded into the school culture to strengthen relationships and build greater cohesion within the school. 

The Challenge 

Peacebuilders has one guiding question and two tensions they need help thinking through. They have a lot of experience working with high schools. They are increasingly being invited to work with elementary schools. They know that they need to think differently so they can be good partners. Students will be asked to act as consultants to Peacebuilders by answering: How might Peacebuilders support elementary schools in building a culture of well-being?  

Grade 6 – 8 Challenge

Peacebuilders has focused on building capacity in educators and students to resolve conflicts in a restorative way. Should they continue to focus on building capacity in the school community or should they act as consultants that schools can call when they are struggling with conflict management?  

K – 5 Challenge 

Peacebuilders can be a good partner in building capacity in others. Do they focus their efforts on building capacity in educators to use restorative practices or through workshops with students to build their skills for healthy conflict resolution?  

Together we can build cultures of well-being!   


We are looking for diverse classrooms and students across geography and grade levels to share their insights in this challenge. All classrooms must have used Integrative Thinking in some capacity to qualify. The application process includes asking for examples of the Integrative Thinking work already done this year and in previous years. You are welcome to collaborate with other educators, including ones who have not used Integrative Thinking before.

Applications will be accepted Tuesday, March 26th through Thursday, April 4th, 2019 at 1pm.  


Applications open

Classrooms are informed of their participation; resources are shared

Challenge in classrooms

Showcase at the Rotman School of Management

March 26th - April 4th

April 8th

April 8th - May 3rd

May 3rd

We are excited to offer the opportunity for some classrooms to experience a workshop led by Peacebuilders. Groups will be chosen by a lottery system. The workshop will enhance the students’ understanding of the challenge, and support their development of restorative practices. You can indicate your interest and availability in the application form. 

Who can participate in the challenge? 

Teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 8 who have had experience using Integrative Thinking in their classrooms. They can collaborate with other teachers in their school, or in another school. High school teachers are invited to collaborate with elementary school colleagues in this challenge.

What materials will I get? 

You will get a set of resources to launch the challenge. This will include: 

  • Video from Peacebuilders to launch the challenge 

  • Slides to guide students through the challenge  

  • Lesson plan with suggested timing  

  • Office hours with Peacebuilders for students to ask questions  

Is there a set amount of time that I need to spend on the Peacebuilders Challenge? 

The amount of time that you spend from April 8th to May 3rd is up to you. We recommend a minimum of 5 hours over the 4 weeks. We are inviting classrooms to share their thinking and explore each other’s ideas at a showcase at Rotman School of Management on May 3rd.  

Please set aside time for your students to create a culminating video that explores their ideas and insights. 

How can we communicate with Peacebuilders if we have any questions? 

Peacebuilders will be holding office hours on April 16th via Google Hangout. Classrooms will have the opportunity to register for a session.  

There will be additional Office Hours offered to support your exploration of this challenge, including members from a partner school who have implemented restorative practices. 

What if we want take part in the challenge, but cannot during this timeline (April 8th-May 3rd)? 

You are welcome to complete this challenge outside of this timeline. Groups that complete it by May 17th, 2019 will receive a response from Peacebuilders.  

What will we need to do for the challenge? 

Using opposable models, students and teachers will explore the tensions of their challenge to create a better solution. You will need to create a video of your classroom process to share and inspire others. 

When will I find out if my class has been selected? 

You will receive an email from us on Monday, April 8th.