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I-Think Practicum

A Deeper Dive into Integrative Thinking

The I-Think Practicum is a year-long program designed to help you make Integrative Thinking your own. As an application-based program, we bring together 15 educators to deeply explore their practice in a supportive community. 

The program was co-designed with educators across grade levels, subject areas and school boards. The program is based on the theory that making Integrative Thinking your own requires three components: 

Deep-dive into the Integrative Thinking toolbox

Through theory and practice, our sessions  explore the underlying theories that build and connect Integrative Thinking. Teachers feel empowered when they can deepen their understanding of a tool and are empowered to manipulate it in new ways. 

Playing with new ideas in the classroom

After each deep dive, participants are asked to play and test the tools in their classrooms. For some, this is a quick activity to test a new idea. For others, it's a multi-class, curriculum-connected experience. Artefacts from their tests help focus the discussion and help develop insights. 

Sharing and reflecting

We take the time to share artefacts from the classroom and learn from them. We build mastery by identifying best practices of what worked and explore what caused the struggles, failures and flops (because there will be some!). Together, we leverage practice to build best practices. 


Each year, the program is customized to the group. Each participant grounds themselves with their own inquiry question, which we revisit throughout the program as a touchstone for reflection. In previous years, teachers explored the impact of Integrative Thinking on mental health, how Integrative Thinking might build student confidence in math and how might the educator move from the "sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side."

There is always this tension between what needs to be done immediately, such as marking and photocopying, and what makes us better educators. Practicum is an opportunity to care about my professional development alongside an incredible caliber of teachers. These are teachers willing to share their work in service of the community learning. Nowhere else have I failed as much to learn as much.
— Jeremy Dickstein, Practicum 2014-2015

Practicum is an application-based program. We accept about 15 participants in K-12 each year. After you apply, we will reach out to schedule an interview. Applicants will be informed by the end of June 2018 about their acceptance into the program.



September 2019 - June 2020


Online webinars and small-group remote learning sessions.