Summer Institute: Integrative Thinking in the Classroom

This institute provides tools to both broaden student approaches to problem-solving and help them seek out new perspectives when faced with difficult choices - both in and out of the classroom.

As a participant, you will:

  • Learn the theory and tools of Integrative Thinking that:
    • Help make our thinking explicit
    • Enable creativity through design principles
    • Facilitate better collaboration
  • Explore how you might use integrative thinking in your own classroom and school
  • Collaborate with other educators from across grade levels, subject areas and schools
  • Have an opportunity to create more innovative solutions to your own personal and professional challenges
  • Be inspired by educators who have brought Integrative Thinking to their classrooms

Participants will be both learners and content developers, and will leave the institute with practical ideas for in-class application of Integrative Thinking material.

Anne Doelman on why she signed up for an I-Think workshop, and what's changed for her:

Program Highlights

These program highlights give you a sense of the different modules and experiences you’ll have over the three days.


Introduction to Integrative Thinking

  • Hands-on experience in Integrative Thinking

  • Case Study: Bella’s Ice Cream Company

Boot Camp for Thinking

  • Exploring Integrative Thinking Tools: Making Our Thinking Explicit
  • Exploring Integrative Thinking Tools: Exploring Complexity
Brainstorming w: Post-Its.jpeg

Exploring Creativity and Application

  • Exploring Integrative Thinking Tools: Creativity
  • Assessing Thinking in your Classroom
  • Designing for your Classroom