The Timeline

September 21-22, 2018                          

October 2018                                          

October 2018 – December 2018             

January 2019

February 2019

February 2019 – April 2019

May 2019                                                     

1.5 days of professional learning

Student visit to Tommy Thompson Park to  get their challenge and learn context

Students use Integrative Thinking tools to solve the challenge

Half-day Student Showcase

Half-day PD to set up a challenge in your community

Students use Integrative Thinking tools to solve the challenge

Evening teacher debrief session

The Specifics

  • Teachers’ professional learning will focus on the problem-solving methodology of Integrative Thinking to promote metacognition and creative problem solving.
  • Students will be issued a real challenge from the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.
  • Teachers will then engage in the problem-framing process using Integrative Thinking and pose a local challenge to their students.
  • Students will use Integrative Thinking to create better solutions to their local challenge.
  • There will be a Student Celebration.


Please feel free to email with questions here.

The Models


Ecological Citizenship


Building positive relationships with the natural environment and having positive impacts on our green spaces.


Creative Problem-Solving =

Using Integrative thinking to collaboratively embrace the tensions of opposable models to come up with new and innovative solutions.


Sustainable Stewardship

Carefully and responsibly managing our natural environment to ensure its longevity for future generations.