What We Do

At I-Think, we partner with educators to help them advance their practice when it comes to teaching thinking and problem solving. Through training, coaching and co-development of experiences in Integrative Thinking and innovation, we equip teachers with the tools to create rich learning experiences, no matter the grade level and subject, that enable critical thinking, creativity and collaboration in the classroom. These experiences support the building of mindsets conducive to tackling challenges with no single, right answer – the kinds of complex challenges our students face in the real world. We aspire to: 

Empower every educator to realize their vision of 21st century teaching and learning in their own practice.

We mentor and learn with teachers to create practical and transferable tools that reinforce the underlying theories and mindsets of Integrative Thinking, innovation and creativity. By helping teachers teach students to create better models for themselves and the world, we are helping to build the leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow.

Build a community of learners, in which educators share, learn and explore together.

We co-create learning experiences with educators aiming to build resilient communities whose members can prototype, test and explore. As we create and learn together, we encourage and support teachers to share their stories to inspire others.

What We Believe

At I-Think, we believe that our stance in the world guides the tools that we choose and the experiences we create for ourselves and for each other. As a hub of a community of Integrative Thinking educators, we foster:

Many remarkable possibilities.

You know your classroom, school and communities. At I-Think we can't tell you exactly what Integrative Thinking or innovation will look like in your context; what we can tell you is that it will be different from what you see around you, different than it is today. We will partner with you to develop best practices, refine tools and build a learning community. The adoption of Integrative Thinking in K-12 education is only possible through adventurous and curious educators who are willing to experiment, fail, learn and grow. Thus far, each educator has created his or her own understanding of Integrative Thinking that enables their vision for teaching and learning


Playfulness helps us bring new skills and tools into our practice. Play gives us space and courage to know that things rarely go right the first time. Playing helps our teachers and leaders to try, reflect and iterate. We play to learn...and sometimes we're just playful. We believe that playing with Integrative Thinking tools, then reflecting on that experience, can create the conditions for deep learning for all.

Radical candour.

We share what we think. I-Think values critical friends, who help us and each other by questioning underlying assumptions, digging deep into existing models and collaborating together to create new possibilities. We depend on our relationships with our partners to design impactful programs, and we only get better through feedback and reflection..