Upcoming Workshops


I-Think Practicum

This year long program brings together a small cohort of teachers looking to dive deeply into Integrative Thinking. Applications closed.


I-Think Reunion 2018

Reunion is a time to come together with peers who inspire you and answer the question: What next? We would love to hear your feedback as we design the day. Fall, 2018.


Teacher Sharing Evenings

These evenings are an opportunity to work with other educators to see how they apply Integrative Thinking in their classrooms. Fall, 2018.


Problem Based Learning with Integrative Thinking

In this two-day workshop, you'll use Integrative Thinking to solve a real-world problem for an organization. You'll turn this experience into a classroom challenge for your students.


Summer Institute: Integrative Thinking in the Classroom

This three-day workshop gives you an opportunity to experiment with all of the tools of Integrative Thinking, and how they apply to the classroom. August 27th - 29th, 2018.


Essentials for Educators: Integrative Thinking 

This annual workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Integrative Thinking. You'll leave the day with tools that you can bring right into your classroom. Fall, 2018.

Impact in the Classroom: Stories from the Field