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Each year, we provide learning experiences for educators in Integrative Thinking, design and innovation. Our workshops share tools for thinking and collaboration to help you and your students become better problem solvers, whether you are in the classroom or leading a school board. We design our workshops to help you build a community with other educators interested in sharing, learning and exploring together to help students learn the skills of the future.


Essentials for Educators: Integrative Thinking 

This annual workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Integrative Thinking. You'll leave the day with tools that you can bring right into your classroom.

Having spent several years exploring how technology can support change in education, critical thinking and types of inquiry, I can see that we are still very much approaching change in a hit and miss manner. Integrative and Design Thinking are tools that will allow us to change our practice and prompt students to think differently. Every single student should have a course in integrative thinking.
— Heidi Siwak

Summer Institute: Integrative Thinking in the Classroom

This three-day workshop gives you an opportunity to experiment with all of the tools of Integrative Thinking.

The enthusiasm of the Rotman team, and their clear passion for this approach and initiative were a great benefit in making the exercise so very enjoyable. I feel like I want to come back next year for a refresher, bring new experiences, new eyes after a year using Integrative Thinking.
— 2015 Summer Institute Participant

Teacher Sharing Evenings

Sharing evenings are an opportunity to work with other educators to see how they apply Integrative Thinking in their classrooms.


I-Think Practicum

This year long program brings together a small cohort of teachers looking to dive deeply into Integrative Thinking. 

After the Workshops: Stories from the Classroom

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Jennifer Warren: Gr. 9-12 Teacher

Now I think about my classroom as a think tank...the answers are a million times better than any answers that I could personally imagine.

Jummi Kim: Gr. 1 Teacher

They’re able to come up with the ideas and the solutions. And it was just me facilitating, and me trying to extend their ideas.


Heidi Siwak: Gr. 6-8 Teacher

Integrative Thinking is about finding creative solutions when opposing points of view arise...They took the responsibility of thinking carefully seriously.